Company Profile

Established in 1994, Xingtel has quickly become one of the leading OEM, ODM and EMS manufacturers for telecom products from VoIP (Corded/Cordless/ATA), IAD handset, DECT (6.0 & 1.8G), Amplified phones, 900Mhz, Caller ID phones to Bluetooth speakers, Qi standard wireless charging, video doorbells, home security and other products. Xingtel is located in Xiamen, a very prosperous, quickly developing, and UN recognized residential city in the Southeast of China.


Xingtel has close business relationships with more than 40 national PTT's and is producing for many name brands, such as Ecoxgear, Klein Tools, JB Hi-Fi, Siemens/Gigaset, France Telecom, British Telecom, Samsung, AT&T, Motorola, Telefonica, KPN, Swisscom, OTE, Telmex, T-com, NEC, Verizon, Uniden, D-Link, Philips, Telia, Korea Telecom and many others. At Xingtel, we have implemented the ISO9001:2008 certificated Total Quality Control and ERP System. In Nov. 2006, Xingtel obtained the QC080000 IECQ certificate of Hazardous Substance Process Management issued by SGS. ISO14001, the Environmental Management System Certificate WAS also obtained in 2012 due to a number of facility upgrades.


Our dedicated and professional R&D teams are pioneers and leaders in the field of telecom industrial development and voice communication. Our time-tested team consists of more than 100 engineers who specialize in industrial rendering, mechanical, tooling, software and hardware designs, as well as Android and IOS applications, with different and continuously updated solutions to meet our customers' special requirements. Xingtel has its own core technology and committed to creating an independent in-house design, software and hardware platform, providing our client partners with one-stop solution to mass production and consistently deliver value-added products.


In the acoustic field, we have years of accumulated knowledge of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, TWS, Mesh, Qualcomm Broadcast audio, Qualcomm True Wireless, Wireless audio, Wireless audio frequency and other technology applications.


With almost 28 years manufacturing experiences and our intelligent R&D and customer service teams, in direct response to your project requirements, we can efficiently create a variety of innovative products and custom-made packages. It would be our honor to offer and provide you with our competitive pricing for any of our services.

Our Strengths

● Over 40 PTT Customers over the world.

● Full Range of Cordless and Corded Telephones: VoIP, IAD, DECT (6.0 / 1.8G), WDCT, 900Mhz to Caller ID phones, SMS, TAM ......

● Full Range of Amplified phones and accessories (corded / cordless / GSM).

● iPhone /Galaxy and other mobile related accessory.

● IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof outdoor products.

● Home security and bluetooth related products.

● R&D Capability for S/W, H/W, Mechanic & Industrial Design.

● Wide Range of Production Facilities such as SMT, Injection (High Speed), UV Coating and Assembly Lines. 

● OEM, ODM, EMS Available.